ChainX community support for Rococo parachain Crowdloan

ChainX has successfully connected to Rococo testnet and is taking part in Rococo testnet parachain crowdloan.

ChainX community members can now support the project in the Rococo phase by taking part in contributing to ChainX Rococo parachain crowdloan. To do this, users have to get some $ROC — Rococo testnet tokens from the faucet, and then contribute those into the ChainX Rococo crowdloan.

It's like with real incoming parachain auctions, more support ChainX will get in the crowdloan, higher the chances to get testnet parachain slot.

If You want to support ChainX in securing a testnet parachain slot, get familiar with crowdloan design, and play with Rococo here are the steps to take:

Create a new testnet account on the Polkadot extension

Open the Polkadot extension or install one if You do not have it yet from, and create a new testnet account.

Select “Allow use on any chain”, and set the account name and password.

Get $ROC — Rococo testnet token.

Go to Matrix and join the Rococo faucet room by going here:

Use the “!drip” command with Your created wallet address after joining Rococo room on Matrix

Navigate to: and check if You already received $ROC tokens to Your testnet account.

Contribute to ChainX crowdloan

Go to Look for ChainX on the list and click the “Contribute” button on the right side.

Select your wallet and fill in the amount of $ROC — 9 $ROC. “Sign & Submit”
and confirm with password in the Polkadot extension pop-up.

(You might see different values on the screenshots as the tutorial was made with different faucet and tokens quantity)

Next, go back to Your account section.

Check that the $ROC balance has changed. Now please send 10 $ROC to the below address for direct team bidding. Click the “Send” button from the Accounts section. In the “send to address” section, fill in the team address:


Put 10 $ROC in the “amount” section. Click “Make Transfer”, then “Sign & Submit” and confirm with password in the Polkadot extension popup.

That’s it. Congratulations! You just contributed to ChainX Rococo Crowdloan!

About ChainX

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