How to send Shiden Network SDN tokens from Kucoin (or other CEX) to Metamask — EVM tutorial

Stakenode - Polkadot Validator
3 min readOct 25, 2021

In this quick tutorial, I will like to show You how to send Shiden Network #SDN tokens from Kucoin exchange to Your Metamask wallet, to use #SDN on Shiden Network DEX’es, for example, Standard Protocol DEX.

Step by Step Guide for Shiden EVM:

1. Add Shiden Network to Metamask with custom RPC and below Shiden Network Details:

  • Go to network selection in the Metamask menu, scroll down and select “Custom RPC”
  • Input below details in requested sections

2. Go to Substrate EVM address converter for Shiden EVM —

  • Change address scheme from SS58 to H160
  • Input Your Metamsk Wallet Address in the “Input address” section, as below

EVM Converter will prompt the address (as highlighted above) which is the destination address for Your withdrawal.

3. Withdraw #SDN tokens from Kucoin (or any other CEX) to Your Metamask wallet.

  • Go to Kucoin (or other CEX) withdrawal section.
  • Select #SDN as an asset to withdraw
  • In the wallet address section, input the address prompted by EVM Converter, select Shiden Network in the “Network” section, and put withdraw amount.
  • Confirm with Your password and after a while, Your SDN will visible on Your Metamask on Shiden Network.
  • Congratulations, You now know how to use Shiden Network EVM

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