We would like to thank all who participated in Shiden Network Listing Week Meme Campaign. Happy to see so many contributions from our long-term Community members and new users who joined our growing Community recently.

We have collected all of the entries for Shiden Network Listing Meme Campaign Round 2 and Team, along with Shiden / Astar Ambassadors picked up winners!

🚀🚀Here are The Winners of Round 2🚀🚀

💰1st Prize — 50 SDN tokens: https://twitter.com/Ilhamm969/status/1438217191535611906?s=19

💰2nd Prize — 30 SDN Tokens: https://twitter.com/grain2gouns/status/1436600796213399557

💰3rd Prize — 20 SDN Tokens: https://twitter.com/shiyotm/status/1438241296188063750

❤️Meme with the most likes wins Special Reward — 0.5 KSM — this was undisputed Winner for Round 2 https://twitter.com/Ilhamm969/status/1438217191535611906?s=19

We would like to announce that all rewards from Round 1 and Round 2 of the campaign were distributed to Winner's wallets posted in Google form entries. All winners were notified also on their Twitter accounts — please check Your Twitter account messages.

Thank You again for Your engagement and for taking part in Shiden & Astar Community Activities. As we think the Community is the Key to project success we will for sure hold more Community-focused events coming to Shiden / Astar networks.

About Astar

Astar Network is a dApp hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum, WebAssembly, and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Astar aims to be a multi-chain smart contract platform that will support multiple blockchains and virtual machines.

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