Stakenode — Idea of Community Development on top of Polkadot networks


Stakenode was created with my own funds and investments. I started my blockchain adventure in 2016 with the early stages of the Polkadot ecosystem and other protocols also.


In the beginning, I was joining many telegram & discord groups and communities looking for tips, advice, and people I could learn from, as I was a complete noob in this space. This was the time when I was stunned by the possibilities and advantages of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in general. I was working as a manager for big international hospitality brands at that time, like Hilton and Intercontinental, got a baby born, and was building a house. Taking all that, the only time I had to study blockchain technologies and explore crypto space was the night. I was so fascinated that sleeping like 3–4 hours, reading, reading, and reading…

That was also the time when I discovered the Polkadot ecosystem, Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, parachains, and realized the future possibilities of this being the internet of blockchains. At that time I also found fantastic people in various Polish crypto groups and with some of them, we created the “Chart Insiders”, discord group. Every one of us had experience in different areas — technical analysis, fundamentals, early-adopting, and contribution to various networks. We started to meet, spend time, build trust and explore blockchain space together.

I focused on the Polkadot ecosystem, network validation, and proof-of-stake, to explore possibilities for generating a passive income from the mining power of assets we were holding and investing in. And here came STAKENODE…


Stakenode is a getaway to the Polkadot economy. We deliver all possible options for Proof-of-Stake tokens in the Polkadot ecosystem.

We provide Validator Services to all POS Polkadot projects bringing you the possibility to stake Your tokens like $DOT $KSM $FIS $PCX and other incoming networks like Plasm Network, Acala, Kylin, Kilt, Robonomics, HydraDX, and more. We are Plasm Network and Stafi Protocol Ambassadors and ChainX Council Member.

I can say without any doubt, that at this moment, Stakenode is almost the only one that gives options to stake and earn rewards on all available and launched Proof-of-Stake networks in the Polkadot ecosystem. We support Plasm Network, Stafi Protocol, ChainX, KUSAMA, and Polkadot itself, and provide staking options on all those networks with our validator nodes.

In the coming days, we will open another option for our Comunity — we support the launch of HydraDX and You will be able to stake with Stakenode validator, just after #Stakenet starts.

You do not find such wide options anywhere, built on top of contribution and constant availability and contact with users.

Additionally, You can be sure that we are reliable and trustworthy as we contribute to all those projects with our own funds and commitment.

As for now, we are focusing on providing more staking options by adding more networks to our offer and delivering incoming projects and Investment possibilities in the early stages.


Apart from delivering revenue generation possibilities, Stakenode focuses more on community building and development. We are Plasm Network Comunity Managers, we launched and manage polish crypto-enthusiast groups for Stafi Protocol Stafi Protocol Poland and ChainX local society — ChainX Poland.

We contribute to all networks we support by helping people, educating, encouraging them to be active members of crypto-society. We support them with nodes building assistance and are always available, easy to reach, in case of any questions or concerns. We think that this way of being close with the Community which is, in fact, the volume and liquidity provider and contribution to those people can bring them towards our idea of validation and let us build an engaged and active network.

We are currently in the stage of pre-launch and negotiations with our partners and we want to establish the Validators Association. We will unite ambassadors, community managers, developers, content creators, and validators, to support them and to build a big network of crypto-enthusiasts on top of Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem projects.

It will be based on trust, education, and contribution.


We are in an early development stage and this is only the beginning of what we have in our minds and ambitions. We are exploring various possibilities to deliver the best possible income revenue-generating options. Stakenode is researching an option to build a Private Equity Fund or Comunity Fund, and with this, to provide for our Community early-stage Investment possibilities like seed / private sales.

So this is a more early stage of development when You look at our plans, but at the same time really advanced ones, because we deliver the most possible options to generate rewards from Your assets mining Power on top of the Polkadot ecosystem.

The next steps incoming in the development pipeline are new supported networks with staking options and website release. As the Polkadot ecosystem is growing every day and we want to stay on top, we know that providing new validator services and staking options for our communities and constant development needs a lot of funds and resources. That is why we contribute hard from the earliest stages, supporting new incoming projects in building and developing their people’s interest and encourage them to engage.

We are open to any kind of partnership and funding, which will help us to grow and develop an educated community on top of the Polkadot ecosystem.

There are really a lot of things which we want to deliver, and any suggestions or ideas for Stakenode development are more than welcome.

We love to learn, grow and develop and if some Polkadot ecosystem organizations like Web3Foundation, Parity, Substrate, or investors like KR1, Polychain, Web3Capital, Pantera Capital, would like to support our development, and be a part of creating a big community ecosystem they are more than welcome.

All funds and grants will only be used for building community development tools and Proof-of-Stake services development.

We already partnered with Tokenswolf and to provide the best possible tools and all-important news.

Let’s build a strong, educated, and active community on top of Polkadot ecosystem networks.




Jimmy Tudeski - Polkadot Ambassador

Polkadot Ambassador, Polkadot & Kusama Validator, Project marketing and Community Development