Don’t Panic and mint Your NFT’s on @Kodadot — Kusama & Polkadot first NFT explorer


Kodadot — first NFT explorer and future market of NFT’s on Kusama and Polkadot is live and running and You can mint Your artwork NFT’s and present them in Kodadot Gallery.

Below You can find step by step tutorial on how to mint Your artwork NFT, present it in the Gallery and vote for Your favorites. Happy Minting!

Required account setup

To be able to create Your collection on Kodadot You need the Kusama Network account and some $KSM in its balance as well as polkadot.js.extension installed. — (if You already have a Kusama account You can skip this step)

  1. Go to and download the extension for Your browser. Then create a new account, store Your seed words safely, as this is the most vulnerable data for Your Account, and select Kusama Relay Chain as the desired network.

2. After creating Your account, You have to top it up with $KSM which will be needed to mint Your collection and NFT tokens. You can buy $KSM with Binance exchange for example and send it to Your newly created account. You can get the account address copied to the clipboard, by clicking the account icon in the Polkadot extension.

After setting up and topping Your account with $KSM (0.1–0.2 $KSM will be enough to mint Your collection).

Creating and Minting Your first NFT Collection

  1. Go to the Kodadot webpage Create section first. In the “Account” section, select Your newly created Kusama account. Put the “Name” of the collection, the “Number of NFT” into the collection, and the “Symbol” of Your collection.

2. Add the collection “Description” and the multimedia for Your collection. Click “Create collection”, and when the Polkadot extension will pop up, confirm it with Your password.

After You confirm the password, Your first NFT collection will be created. You can check this with Subscan Explorer by placing there your Kusama account address (click “Search” after placing the address), and then click on the last extrinsic

This is how Your Collection looks on the Kusama chain explorer

3. After creating Your collection, You need to create a token for Your NFT. To do so, go to the NFT section, select Your “Account” used in collection creation, put the collection “Symbol” and click “Add Token”

The window will wind up, giving You options to put in some additional details. Put in the “Name” of Your artwork, add some “Description” and most important “Click to add image” of Your artwork.

Click “Mint” and confirm with the password in the Polkadot extension popup.

Wait until the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain as shown below.

Congratulations! You Just minted Your first NFT — All Hands On Kodadot!

Vote for Your Most Favourite NFT!

As Kodadot is a community-driven project, it gives You the option to show Your appreciation for community artwork. You can easily show which NFTs are Your favorite ones with EMOTE standard contributed to the protocol, to create artwork value and design of future price discovery.

Pick Your favorite NFT from Kodadot Gallery. Unfold the “Actions” section and select Your “Account”

When You select Your account, please scroll down and You will see ❤ icon under the NFT. Click on it, select Your preferred EMOTE. The Polkadot extension will pop up, asking for password confirmation.

Put Your password, wait for blockchain confirmation and You are done.

You just gave Your ❤ ️appreciation to the Kodadot community artwork.

All used photos were created by one of the Community Ventures Capital members — Vienio

If You find Stakenode’s commitment to the Kodadot community and the Kusama& Polkadot ecosystem in general vital and valuable, please feel free to donate to our future development. All grants and funds are only be used for community development tools.

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